Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shimano Stella® STL-10000FA (10000SW) and STL-20000FA (20000SW) Spinning Reels

At the first time, I'm a bit confuse with the code. I think in US or western region they use "FA" code while in Asia region they use "SW" instead. Please advise me if I'm wrong. That's what I think la.... Anyway both come with same specification and built for tough and strong. But I think the colour a bit different for both region... The Stella® 10000FA (10000SW) can turn the heads of the toughest opponents. If it's fishing wrecks for grouper and amberjacks or pursuing the bigger class of silver kings, this reel can make every fishing day a memorable one. The Twin Disk Drag makes any gamefish battle a smooth one. The Stella® 20000FA (20000SW) is the big boy of the family offering anglers the best spinning reel on the market of its size. This reel can really lower the boom on the likes of mid-size tuna, big trevally, and sailfish and white marlin. With the bigger spool for added line capacity and direct drive mechanism offering loads of winding power, the STL 20000FA is the reel to look to.

Don't U think want to get it now?

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