Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dropper Loop (Simpulan Dropper)

A better method of forming a loop, or loops, in the line above the sinker is to use the old Dropper Loop. This draws into a knot that stands out at right angles to the line.
If desired, the loops can be made long enough to have a hook set on them. And once again, this is not a good practice unless the fish are biting-mad, which they rarely are.

-Form a loop in the line.
-Take hold of one side of the loop, and make 6 or more turns around the line itself.
-This is the tricky part - keep open the point where the turns, or twists, are being made.
-Take hold of the other side of the loop, and pull it through the centre opening. use a finger in this loop so that it is not lost.
-Hold this loop between the teeth. Pull gently on both ends of the line, making the turns gather and pack down on either side of the loop.
-Draw up the knot by pulling the lines as tightly as possible. The turns will make the loop stand at right angles to the line.

I always use this loop for leader line to put more hooks at the leader line. Try it!!

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