Monday, June 11, 2007

Daiwa Team Daiwa Luna® Casting Reel

The top features on the reel are: a fully bar-stock machined frame, side plates and spool, Magforce Z braking system, with external fast palm or fingertip adjustments and a free-floating spool for reduced backlash. Eight disc drag system. High-strength gearing. Five corrosion-resistant bearings.
Anyone have one?...please give a comment on this reel....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shimano Calcutta TE Baitcasting Reels

I would like to recommend to all the caster. Shimano Calcutta TE Baitcasting Reels is one of the best casting reel I ever use. When I catched a 8kg barramundi (siakap) at Muar River last month, I used my Shimano Calcultta CTE200GT and get satisfied fighting with the barra.
This Shimano Calcutta baitcasting reels come with different model; CTE50GT, CTE51GT (Left),CTE100GT, CTE101 (Left), CTE200GT, CTE200, CTE201 (Left), CTE300, CTE400, CTE401 (Left) and CTE700. That's what i know....
TE stands for "Total Efficiency", a concept that represents the ultimate response to the two main challenges of the sport of fishing: casting and retrieving. For the first time indeed, Shimano's Super Free System (SF) and High Efficiency Gearing ("HEG") are married in one reel. For more info kindly visit the link below and get your Calcutta.

Dropper Loop (Simpulan Dropper)

A better method of forming a loop, or loops, in the line above the sinker is to use the old Dropper Loop. This draws into a knot that stands out at right angles to the line.
If desired, the loops can be made long enough to have a hook set on them. And once again, this is not a good practice unless the fish are biting-mad, which they rarely are.

-Form a loop in the line.
-Take hold of one side of the loop, and make 6 or more turns around the line itself.
-This is the tricky part - keep open the point where the turns, or twists, are being made.
-Take hold of the other side of the loop, and pull it through the centre opening. use a finger in this loop so that it is not lost.
-Hold this loop between the teeth. Pull gently on both ends of the line, making the turns gather and pack down on either side of the loop.
-Draw up the knot by pulling the lines as tightly as possible. The turns will make the loop stand at right angles to the line.

I always use this loop for leader line to put more hooks at the leader line. Try it!!

Shimano Stella® STL-10000FA (10000SW) and STL-20000FA (20000SW) Spinning Reels

At the first time, I'm a bit confuse with the code. I think in US or western region they use "FA" code while in Asia region they use "SW" instead. Please advise me if I'm wrong. That's what I think la.... Anyway both come with same specification and built for tough and strong. But I think the colour a bit different for both region... The Stella® 10000FA (10000SW) can turn the heads of the toughest opponents. If it's fishing wrecks for grouper and amberjacks or pursuing the bigger class of silver kings, this reel can make every fishing day a memorable one. The Twin Disk Drag makes any gamefish battle a smooth one. The Stella® 20000FA (20000SW) is the big boy of the family offering anglers the best spinning reel on the market of its size. This reel can really lower the boom on the likes of mid-size tuna, big trevally, and sailfish and white marlin. With the bigger spool for added line capacity and direct drive mechanism offering loads of winding power, the STL 20000FA is the reel to look to.

Don't U think want to get it now?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Baby Nur Qistina Need Help From You

Full Name : Nuur Qistina Hayani Binti Nazrol Hafiz

Date of Birth : 28 October 2006

Age : 6 months

Gender : Female

Nur Qistina Hayani is suffering from liver cancer ( hepatoblastoma ). What can a 6 months baby knows about this disease. She is right now going through the Chemotherapy process. The costs for Chemotherapy and Surgery will takes around RM 100,000.00 ( Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred Thousands). She looks very healthy from the outside and for sure she does not understands what she is going through! We need your help to donate to us so we can help Qistina to live happily as any other childrens!

Qistina telah menjadi kimoterapi yangpertama pada Sabtu, 5 May 2007; dan akan menjalani tiga(3) lagi kimo ini sebelum surgeri dilaksanakan. Cuba bayangkan, anak sekecil ini perlu menghadapi rawatan kimo...tatkala anak2 kita riang bergembira bermain denganpelbagai ragam, padahal Qistina hanya mampu terlantar di katil hospital.Dengan ini, saya dengan rendah diri meminta jasa baik kalian semua, paling kecil, tolong doakan Qistina sembuh seperti sediakala, dapat membesar dengan aktif dan sihat, seperti anak-anak kita. Amiin ya Rabbal A'lamiin.

You can help Nuur Qistina by bank-in / transfer your donation to Account Number below :-

Nazrol Hafiz Nazlan - Maybank Account ( Malaysia )(Account Number : 154017298056)
Nuur Asyikin Mohd Shukor - Maybank Account ( Malaysia )(Account Number : 158293598697)

Kindly visit to know more about Qistina and the donation detail info.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Resepi Satay Anglerchef (Anglerchef Satay Recipe)

In Malaysia, the most popular place to find delicous satay is Kajang. Kajang is part of Selangor state. At least once a month, I bring my family to enjoy the satay taste. I always make a satay BBQ for my family. Sometime I use to marinade the ingredient for my chicken wing. I call it my chicken wing satay. So, here is the recipe to make your delicous satay. Enjoy grilling!!!


1 kg - Chicken/Beef meat boneless (cut into cube)
4 - medium red onion (ground)
6 cloves - garlic (ground)
1 1/2 inch - ginger (ground)
2 sticks - lemongrass (ground)
1 tablespoon - cumin powder
1 tablespoon - coriander powder
1 tablespoon - tumeric powder
1 tablespoon - brown sugar
8 tablespoon - sugar
1/2 tablespoon - salt


Marinade all the ingredients with meat 1-2 hours or overnight to taste better. Keep it cold. Soak wooden satay sticks in cold water for 20 minutes. Skewer the meat on the sticks and broil (grill) the satays evenly over a barbecue or under a hot broiler (grill), until brown all over. Turn the satays several times during cooking and serve.

Now ready to serve. Serve with onion and cucumber cut. Eat with peanut sauce or we called it "kuah kacang' (I'll teach you how to make "kuah kacang" in later post).

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jigging set choice no. 1

Jigging technique give more fun for your saltwater fishing. Have you try jigging before? So, I've a jigging set which I think cank give some tips for you to choose your jigging set. Here are the list:-
Rod : Jigging Master (PE3-6)
Reel : Shimano Stella 20000SW
Line : Tuf Line 50lb
Leader : Xzoga 80lb
Lure : Surecatch 150g

Enjoy jigging!!

Get your gear at BassPro Shop

Bass Pro Shops is a privately held sporting goods and outdoor goods store headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. In addition to the Outdoor World store located at the corner of Sunshine and Campbell in Springfield, Bass Pro Shops rings up $1.9Billion in sales in over 35 large retail stores in the United States and one in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. It also owns and operates subsidiaries such as Tracker Boats, Big Cedar Lodge, and RedHead. Bass Pro Shops is known for a large selection of hunting, fishing, and other outdoor gear. So anglers, check out another online tackle shop to look for your fishing gear. Click the banner below and Enjoy it!

Bass Pro Shops

Monday, May 14, 2007

Resepi Asam Pedas Muar (Muar Asam Pedas Recipe)

Asam pedas (sour & spicy soup) is one of my favourite. Sour and spicy. But actually it's not so spicy or sour when you taste it. Depend on the cook and your taste. You can add more chilies to make your ears turn to red or you can add more tamarind juice to make your eyes close.
Muar is part of Johor State in Malaysia. If I travel down to Muar town, I will never miss to have my asam pedas lunch. My favourite restaurant is located at Jalan Junid. I'll talk about this restaurant in my next post (actually not a big restaurant, a kampung "village" restaurant) but you will be suprise if you see this restaurant with full of people during lunch time .

So, you can try this recipe and enjoy your meal!!!


1 kg - stingray (pari) cut or wahoo/spanish mackerel (tenggiri) cut
2-3 tablespoon - dried chilie paste (cili giling) depend on how spicy do you like
1 cup - tamarind juice
2 - torch ginger flower (bunga kantan) each cut into half
3 - vietnamesse mint (daun kesum)
1/2 inch - fresh tumeric (kunyit hidup) ground to make paste or you can use tumeric powder
2-3 - onion (bawang besar) ground to make paste
4 cloves - garlic (bawang putih) ground to make paste
1/2 tablespoon - prawn paste (belacan)
2 - tomato cun into wedges
5 - medium size ladies finger (kacang bendi)
5 - tablespoon - cooking oil
2-3 cup - seafood stock (air rebusan seafood)
salt & sugar for taste


Heat oil and fry the ground fresh tumeric, garlic and onion with chilie and prawn paste for 2 minutes or until fragrant. Make sure chilie paste is well cook.
Add the tamarind juice and seafood stock until medium boil.
Add torch ginger flower and vietnamesse mint.
Add salt and sugar for taste.
Add stingray/ mackerel cut.
Add the tomato wedges and ladies finger.
Simmer on low heat for 5 minutes or until the fish is cooked.
Serve hot.